Apr 2, 2009

Dhamma Journey

I was in Sitiawan in (West) Malaysia (18/02/09 - 12/03/09) to give Dhamma service to the Buddhist community that needs Buddhist monks to lead the path correctly. Most of the time I was alone in a large temple. But I was really happy to help those who need Buddhist monks. Being this for the third time, I got to know their needs more and more in the area of Buddhism. One of them is most of the Buddhist people just know they should do Dana (offering or charity) as a Buddhist. On the other hand, the mission of some other religions have tried to convert them into their own one whenever the opportunity arises. So, I personally feel that it is our duty to get them know the Dhamma by providing the opportunity to help them learn little by little. Therefore, I am obliged to those who involved in giving the Dhamma service to the society.

Here are some of the pictures on the Dhamma mission.

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